• Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Cost Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Toll Charge Management
  • Digital Tachograph
  • Consulting

Vehicle Tracking

The iMetric System for vehicle tracking is based on a simple principle: via a GPS black box with an integrated sim card your vehicles are permanently connected with the headquarter. To manage and display or view the data you only need an internet connection. No need for any additional software installation. You just call the iMetric web portal, login with your user name and password. The iMetric tracking system offers a user-friendly menu and an intuitive way, to make use of the various features. Just with a few mouse clicks you have access to all important information of your company, the generation of reports is done via a simple click on a button.


Vehicle Cost Management

Only if you know your costs you have a chance to reduce your costs! The iMetric Costmanager shows based on a large number of reports, what costs are there and how they are allocated to a specific vehicle. This allows for an economically efficient solution to monitor the costs of your complete fleet – regardless if this is a car, a light truck, a heavy truck or a fork-lift truck.

  • Cost monitoring of your fleet
  • Management of all relevant data in one central system
  • fuel management allows for importing and analysing vehicle specific fuel consumption
  • automatic import and verifying of date from external systems
  • Integration of other data (e.g. financial accounting, fixed assets)
  • extensive reporting to identify the cost reduction opportunities within the fleet
  • Mobile Applications

    All iMetric mobile applications are capable to run on most common smartphones (Android/IOS). They provide drivers and their managers with the required information that allow to stay compliant with the legally obliged driving and working time regulations. The features in detail:

  • Menu with the overview on all available applications
  • Overview on remaining daily driving time and related infringements
  • Overview on daily working time, the adherence to the limits. Information on infringements and if breaks/rests have been taken according to the legal requirements
  • Infringement reporting of the last 14/28 days regarding driving and working time
  • Information on missing data on the driver card
  • Driver licence check via QCR code
  • Additional features like messaging and flexible order processing
  • Toll Charge Management

    Specifically for truck rental companies, iMetric Systems offers a complete Toll Charge Management System with the following features:

  • Import of toll contract data
  • Import of toll detail transactions, which are monthly sent by the toll provider (via email)
  • Allocation of the toll transactions to the toll contract data (Matching)
  • Generation of invoices and detailed toll transaction delivery notes for the customer. This to be created in csv or pdf format. In addition the information can be made available via an online portal.
  • Provision of invoice data in special formats, depending on the requirement of the creditor. Monthly reports for the creditors, as well as reports in various formats.
  • Generation of multiple reports.
  • Digital Tachograph

    TACHOfresh is a cost effective, web-based solution for secure archiving and analysis of driver and vehicle data, online display of driving and rest times and automatic remote download. This helps transport and freight forwarding companies to manage and coordinate their fleet efficiently.

    TACHOfresh BASIC allows in addition to the archiving and analysis of the driver and vehicle data from the digital tachograph the creation of social reports from the driver data, and data export in CSV or PDF format. A daily planner reminds on due dates for the download of data.

    TACHOfresh LIVE enables the online transmission of the current driving and resting time and the display of the remaining driving time and resting time budgets for driver and co-driver. Warnings and violations (e.g. driving time and speeding) as well as current and historical vehicle details (e.g. position information, mileage, vehicle status and speed) are displayed on a screen in the headquarter.

    TACHOfresh REMOTE enables the download of signed driver and vehicle data and the automatic transfer directly from the vehicle to the headquarter via a GPRS connection - without the need for the vehicles coming into the yard. This only requires that the company card is inserted into a card reader at the headquarters.


    We are experts in the logistics and transportation area, we are there to support you – independent from any software supplier – in recommending the adequate software application for your enterprise, the training of your employees in these applications, the selection of the hardware, training for your drivers on new technologies (digital tachograph, board computer/smartphone applications), implementation of cost management systems (to improve the efficiency of your fleet and consequently the profitability of your company), recommendation for a fuel card (to get immediate transparency in your fuel costs), review of your internal procedures with the objective to improve the processes, recommendation for implementing the appropriate systems for documenting and archiving your company internal procedures.